Tapasyogi Nandhi

Siddhar yogi Nandhi is a visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. It has been several lives in one intense journey through consciousness for Nandhi (Adhipen Bose). After being initiated through death, Tapasyogi Nandhi, undertook his spiritual journey through tapas and pilgrimage to attain his wholeness and come to understand a life of purpose. Know More

About Tapasyogi Nandhi

  • About Tapasyogi Nandhi

Turiya Nada: Inner fire music

  • Inner Fire Music
  • Siddhar Chants

Book: Mastery of Consciousness

  • Awaken the Inner Prophet
  • Liberate yourself with yogic wisdom
  • Break the limits of mind, body and life circumstances.

Siva Sivaa: Primary Experiential Teachings

  • Empowering experiential teaching
  • Initiation, Siddhar mantras, breathing techniques, visualization and invoking of our highest Self.
  • Teachings for daily practice
  • Awaken your yogic inner fire
  • Connect to the ancient breath with Nandhi


  • Turiya Music: Siddhar Chant Mantra
  • Teachings
  • Altar essentials
  • Puja & meditation essentials
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Ariven Vision: Amma Sanctuary

  • Global sanctuaries for rescued cows and oxen
  • Create biodynamic agricultural farms
  • Grow intelligent organic non-gmo food
  • Share food with the hungry
  • International Community for yoga, meditation and seva

Music to awaken your inner fire!

Turiya Nada is the genius of upbeat, uplifting music with the sacred transmission of joyful, powerful and potent mantras and meditative energies that have been passed down through an ancient lineage of enlightened Sages, the Siddhars of South India. Turiya is the higher conscious state of the realized Sages- the state of 'sleepless sleep' and Nada is the primal resonance as the dance within stillness. Turiya Nada is the flow of consciousness through music as the grace of the Siddhar Sages blessings.

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About the Amma Sanctuary

We create the blueprint for Ariven Sanctuaries globally: below is the theme followed by Amma Sanctuary Trust, India that is assisted by us

Your music purchase helps us fund this Dharma.

  • A model sanctuary for old retired cows and oxen saved from slaughter houses.
  • Prototype model/R&D sanctuary for global biodynamic Conscious Farms.
  • Seed bank for intelligent non-GMO fruits, grains and herbs.
  • Create an optimal process- cow care- composting- agriculture- organic food industry.
  • Hub for the international Ariven community.
  • Siddhar Temple of the Ariven & daily Gomata puja for humanity.
  • Earth friendly, sustainable housing, power and resources.
  • Feed the hungry on macro scales with a percentage of vegetarian food produced.
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